Slow-Cooker Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken

With the fall semester kicking off, my world is about to go a little crazy. I’m picking up a couple of evening dance classes on top of my day job (every needs a hobby job!). Pre-planning is no longer a good idea freely floating around in the back of my mind. Now, it’s a necessity. […]

Creamy Pasta Carbonara

Before I give you the question, let me give you the answer: Pasta Carbonara. Pasta Carbonara is my go-to response for so many questions: What’s an easy meal I can make tonight? What’s the easiest Italian meal to prepare? What do you cook when you’re feeling lazy? With just three (or four, but we’ll get […]

Quick and Easy Eggplant Pizzas

It’s Meatless Monday! Guess what that means? Cheese smothered vegetables. Because if you can’t have meat, you better be able to enjoy some cheese. These eggplant pizzas fit the bill, and they’re quick enough to pull together on a Monday night. If you’ve never picked up an eggplant, much less tried to cook one, don’t […]

Avocado Caprese Salad with a Balsamic Reduction

Once upon a time, I used to scoff at salad “recipes” on Pinterest. I mean, how hard is it to build a salad? Start with lettuce, add toppings, drown in dressing. Done! Boy were my salads boring in those days. Inspiration finally struck, I came to my senses, and this avocado caprese salad recipe was […]

Zucchini Noodles with Crispy Bacon and Bell Pepper

Update (September 30) This yummy dish will be featured as part of the “Sharing is Caring” movement over at The Recipe Hunter blog on November 24th. Yay! But don’t wait until then to go check out the fantastic dishes that are served up over in their corner of the blogosphere. There are so many amazingly talented […]

Bacon Wrapped Ranch Stuffed Chicken

If you’re like me, you end up with a hodge-podge of random ingredients and produce in your fridge around the middle to end of the week. Half an onion here, a lone jalapeno there, a few pieces of bacon… and nothing that looks like it can be turned into a real meal. Guess what? If […]


Easy Cheater Brazilian Cheese Rolls

Chewy, cheesy bliss. These Brazilian Cheese Rolls are all of my favorite things in a deliciously bite-sized package. In fact, these cheese rolls were one of the first things I learned to make on my own. I’ve adapted and evolved the recipe over the years to fit my tastes, and now it’s one of my […]

Brazilian Lemonade

I love summer but guys, it’s hot out there right now! When the temps start hovering near the triple digits, my go-to drink of choice is a cool glass of Brazilian lemonade. The tang from the limes is slightly sweeter than normal lemonade, and just a splash of sweetened and condensed milk rounds out the […]

Jalapeno Cilantro Dip

I’m from New Mexico, a land of delightfully enchanting dishes. Seriously, New Mexican cuisine is the best kept secret in the Southwest food scene, though I would bet a sack of roasted green chile that you’ve heard of “Tex-Mex” but never realized “New Mexican” is a waaaaay better option. Lame! But, speaking of Tex-Mex… It […]

Vegetable Couscous Fried “Rice”

I have a small problem. I tend to pick up food items I know absolutely nothing about when I go shopping. This is usually because I’m already casually wandering every single aisle, looking at random ingredients and hoping for inspiration while simultaneously trying to remember what I’ve already got in my pantry at home. (I […]