About Me


Well hello there!

I’m Rachelle Ray. (Rachelle rhymes with Michelle). Yes, I have probably heard every possible joke imaginable about my name. And, no, I am in no way related to (or affiliated with) the Rachael Ray.

So, here I am. An “impasta” in the kitchen. (I just love food puns, don’t you?)

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere, where I’m on a quest to find yummy flavor combinations, make healthy food choices (most of the time), and learn everything I can about food and culture.


A Little More About Me

I once messed up mac & cheese. It was the boxed kind, with kid-proof instructions on how much milk and butter to add. I somehow managed to make this easy, boxed meal into a soupy disaster. Oh, and I was in college at the time.

In graduate school, I went an entire week without real food, wolfing down vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips from the only clean mug in the kitchen, because I was too busy to cook or do dishes. My health was taking a serious hit, and I’m pretty sure the only thing keeping me going was the copious amounts of Chai tea swimming through my veins.

There wasn’t a clear defining moment for me, when I realized that life had to stop. I slowly started to research healthy eating options. I bought more fresh produce and fewer pre-packaged meals. Learning to cook became my zen time. No matter how busy I was, I made time for dinner. I started to experiment with my own recipes, and with foods I hadn’t ever eaten before.

I am not perfect. I still under cook over medium eggs, burn bread, and over cook chicken sometimes. I still over commit my time, and put off doing dishes.

I do not want to be perfect.

What I do want is to find my “zen” in the hustle and bustle of life. Food, and by extension writing, photography and travel, allow me to center myself and stay in the moment.