Finding Ataraxia

Hello my fantastic four followers! First, I’m sorry I abandoned you for months BUT I have been working on an amazing new project that I finally get to share with you! I started The Saucy Impasta last year because I’m passionate about food – I love to make it, I love to eat it, and […]

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Hot Pot Party!

Today’s post is about a lot of things – culture shock, trying new things, and of course some amazing food. Quick personality backstory – I’m hasty to say no to new things. I don’t like to exit my comfort zone. I need a plan for everything, and panic when there isn’t one. I abstain from […]

Food Desert Access: Where’d You Get That Apple?

The first time I read the term “food desert” I thought the author had misspelled “dessert”. When I realized it wasn’t a typo, I read on, curious about this new term. Food deserts are places with limited access to healthy, whole foods. As a food blogger, and self-proclaimed lover of food in general, it’s an […]

5 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Dinner Game

It’s almost Valentine’s Day my lovelies! While I’m not a big fan of the holiday, I do love that it’s an excuse to indulge in chocolate and wine. And to break out a few “fancy” recipes. Fancy, in the world of food, is often synonymous with “complicated”. I don’t believe that for a second. Sure, […]

Buttered Pretzel Bites

I’ve been craving bread lately, but 1) haven’t gotten around to making any and 2) have been trying to avoid my carbivore tendencies to counteract my oh-so-unhealthy eating over the holidays. It’s been a month, though, and I think I’m balanced now. My go-to bread of choice is the pretzel. In line with the Game […]

Shredded Chicken and Ranch Pinwheels

The Super Bowl is all about the food! And the advertisements, of course. I like to have a balanced offering of finger foods to snack on at parties: something sweet, something savory, and something satisfying. These shredded chicken and ranch pinwheels cover both savory and satisfying, and they’re really easy to make! I’m sure you’ve seen […]

Simple Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup

As a kid, ramen noodles were my go-to soup of choice when I was sick. (I cringe looking back at how much of that stuff I ate, knowing now how terrible it is for you.) I couldn’t stand canned chicken noodle, and home made wasn’t something we did. A big bowl of brothy ramen just […]

Braided Apple Cream Cheese Pastry

I’m back from Austin y’all and it was glorious for my tastebuds. I definitely ate all the hamburgers. Hat Creek, Mighty Fine, Wholly Cow… I only missed P. Terry’s! All the fried avocado too… Mighty Cone, Torchy’s… Foodie goals: figure out how to fry an avocado at home. Don’t worry my fabulous four, I’ll figure […]

Whipped Cream Filled Donuts

I fell off the wagon guys. The healthy eating wagon, that is. Remember the amazing summer’s harvest egg white frittata I whipped up this week? Well, all those egg whites meant leftover egg yolks. Lots of them, because I actually made the frittata a second time for my family. What do you do with over […]

Summer Harvest Egg White Frittata

Oh my damn. It’s been two weeks since I’ve graced the internet with a delightful new recipe! I’ve basically just committed blog-suicide. Since I only have about four followers, I guess it’s not that bad. You rock, by the way, my faithful four! I promise not to disappear like that again. No, my fingers are […]